The PADI Open Water scuba Diver course opens this world for you. During thils course, you'll learn what you need to know to explore the underwater world, whether simply snorkeling in the shallows with mask, fins and snorkel, or visiting longer and deeper using scuba a word derived from self con-tained underwater breathing apparatus). Most people find learning to Bali scuba dive a fun challenge that's neither effortless nor overly arduous.

Welcome to a world of discovery and adventure. This course is only the beginning.To become a scuba diver, you need to be comfortable in water and have basic swimming skills, so your instructor will have you do some swimming and floating - nothing extreme (200 metres/yards and a ten minute float, or a 300 metre/yard mask, fin and snorkel swim and float), just enough.

As the world's largest scuba diver training organization, PADI enjoys the most scuba diverse professional membership in the entire Bali scuba dive community. This is the world's most culturally and ethnically scuba diverse group of recreational Bali scuba dive professionals. At this writing, more than 100,000 PADI Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Bali scuba Divemasters teach Bali scuba diving and offer Bali scuba dive services in more than 180 countries and territories. You can find PADI scuba diver materials in more than 20 languages. Today, virtually anyone who wants to learn to Bali scuba dive can find a PADI Instructor nearby who speaks the same language and who comes from the same culture.

What does this mean for you? It means wherever your Bali scuba dive travels take you, you can be confident that the local Bali scuba dive community will recognize your scuba diver credentials - even if "PADI" is the only word you can speak in the local language.