If discovery drive you. welcome to inner space. It.some what cliche, yet true, that we know- the surface of the moon better than we know the bottoms of the oceans. Even at the most popular  Bali scuba dive sites, you'll see things most people never see and go where most people never go. Even with hundreds of' Bali scuba dives under your belt, visiting a new Bali scuba dive site thrills you with discovery, and visit-ing a familiar site is a-bit like coming home.

And Bali scuba diving means rising to new challenges. It's one of those rare activities that delivers adrenaline and intensity, or serenity and peace. You can take on challenges that require training, planning and focus searching for and recovering lost objects, descending to 30 metres/100 feet (if your diving level permits) or exploring your favorite Bali scuba dive site after sunset. 

Or you can drift along in some of the world's most tranquil and beautiful settings, with your biggest immediate worry whether you want to stop and photograph that starfish or not. Either way, Bali scuba diving grows with you - there's always something new to see, somewhere new to explore, some new way to yjuv the experience. No other endeav-our so easily matches exactly what you'reup for, right now. tomorrow and ten years from now. You cannot outgrow it.

Youve probaly seen photos, television and films about Bali scuba diving but until you do it yourself. vou can't really understand what it's like. Nothing on earth matches the sensations you experience - the thrill of' breathing underwater. the freedom of "weightless-ness," and unique and sounds.