When buying a mask, don't skimp. Get a good one specifically designed for Bali scuba diving that fits you properly. If you think about it, in warm water you can have a lot of fun with only a mask, but if you had every piece of Bali scuba dive gear but a mask, there'd be no reason to get in the water. So your mask is important.for Bali scuba diving have these features: Tempered-glass lens plate.

If broken, tem-pered glass is less likely to shatterinto fine, hazardous slivers. Comfortable skirt with a close fit against your face and a good seal. Nose or finger pockets. To make equalizing your ears easier, a mask should have some way of letting you conveniently pinch or block your nose.

Styles range from simple round or oval shaped models to more modern styles with lower internal volumes and wider fields of vision. Wraparound masks feature two panels along the sides to improve peripheral vision. The vast majority of masks you'll choose from are lower-profile masks, which have a notched face plate and a nose pocket to allow your nose to protrude past the lens. This gets the lens closer to your face, for a wider vision field, plus makes it easy to pinch your nose for equalizing. Many wrap-around type masks incorporate low-profile design.